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Snapshot of the Global Geothermal Market Released

Washington, DC (May 15, 2015) - The Geothermal Energy Association today released a new publication highlighting the continued growth and development of the international market for geothermal power. The report, The International Geothermal Market At a Glance, provides a snapshot of the nearly 80 countries moving forward with over 630 geothermal power projects.

The report shows the global reach of geothermal power with an illustrative graphic depicting the countries with already installed geothermal power capacity and/or developing projects. It also provides a brief overview of the global market by region, emphasizing the number and expanse of developing projects worldwide.

Notable highlights of today’s geothermal market include a total 11.5-12.3 GW of capacity on-line as of the end of 2014 and over 630 projects under development dispersed throughout 80 countries. Marked growth is shown in Chile, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, Kenya, the Philippines and Turkey, each boasting 20-60 geothermal power projects in development. North America and the South Pacific show current market dominance at operating capacities of 4,553 MW and 4,318 MW, respectively.

The report, The International Geothermal Market At a Glance, as well as the International Developing Geothermal Power Project List are available to download in PDF format at

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