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Geothermal Energy Weekly
The Geothermal Energy Weekly is the Geothermal Energy Association’s electronic newsletter, and is our way of bringing you frequent, concise updates in the industry. This is the geothermal power production industry’s most widely circulated weekly, highlighting the week’s geothermal news in categories including: national news, company news, renewable energy and climate change, state news, international news, and geothermal heat pumps & direct use. The Geothermal Energy Weekly also prints notices, employment opportunities, proposals and funding opportunity announcements, and information about GEA supported and sponsored events.

To sign up to receive your weekly copy of the Geothermal Energy Weekly (it’s free!), email with “Subscribe to Geothermal Energy Weekly” in the subject line. Also, click on “more” to view all previous issues of the Geothermal Energy Weekly that have been published since January 2008.

GEA Reports
GEA research and publications provide valuable data and insight into the geothermal industry. GEA gathers and maintains industry data, including information on US installed capacity, developing projects, and US policy. GEA also works with government agencies and geothermal companies to keep the public informed about geothermal market and industry trends, new technologies, employment, the environment, and more.

GEA Press Releases
The latest word from GEA, press releases provide more information about GEA events and reports.

Geothermal Basics
Geothermal 101 is a GEA bestseller, covering the basics of geothermal power production (what is geothermal energy?) and everything from current use to the environmental impacts and benefits of geothermal, and employment. Other areas covered include: potential use, policy, national security, economic benefits, power plant costs, and more.

Fact Sheets
GEA Issue Briefs on topics ranging from induced seismicity, to water consumption, jobs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Can’t get enough of us?! Check out photos from the latest GEA events, plus a few pictures of geothermal power plants.

Watch interviews with key geothermal players from the GEA Geothermal Energy Expo, see footage from developing geothermal projects, and learn more about the industry.
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